Real and Virtual: Cybereal

YeSun points out that MPEG has started an initiative that has similar goals as co-space does. This initiative is called MPEG-V.

The way things are evolving, it is clear tha the real world and virtual world will need to intermingle. This intermingling is seamless in our thinking and has been used by story tellers — in novels, dramas, and movies — for long time. Now the technology is enabling intermingling of virtual and real at the level where it could become more than just a personal experience or art — it is taking it towards scince and technology.

Co-space and MPEG-V ae just the initial fforts. What we are going to see is emergence of lots of technology — that I call Cybereal technology — that will allow people to augment real with virtual but also save thee intermingled experiences and share those with others. This will be very exciting.

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