$12 Computer — down from $100

So the target has come down from $100 to $12 for a computer that will help third world countries. This is also from a MIT group. The $100 computer never came down to $100, but this one is now only for $12 — less than the lunch costs in USA.

I still don’tunderstand the emphasis on the cost, with little discussion about what those people for whom this is being designed really need. On the other hand, I also believe that mobile phones will come down to comparable prces with possibly better functionlity in the tme that it will tke to develop and manufacture the $12 device. But then that will be a mobile phone not a Lap Top!

One thought on “$12 Computer — down from $100

  1. Adam

    These news sounds like fantasy for me. Howcome computers can cost only 12 bucks? They will be either unsuable and low-tech, or they will cost definitely more then 12 bucks.

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