Singapore decided to invest s$500 Millin in promoting Interactive Digital Media field. Michael Yap is a key person in this effort and is providing vision and leadership in this area. Now I have attended multiple talks by him and had several chances to discuss with him about this area and his vision.

His vision and much of the effort in Singapore seems to be centered around a concept that he calls co-space. What is implied is bringing virtual and real spaces together for different applications. Sometimes I hear the vision that in the curent Web documents are connected to each other; in this vision spaces will be connected to each other. This will provide tools to model 3-dimensional spaces and capture activities there using sensors to provide information about activities at these spaces.

This idea builds on the current trend of combining virtual and real world ranging from Second Life t different games with sensor networks at different levels. Once created, these spaces could be used for many different applications ranging from entertainment to education to business and healthcare. As usually happens, because there is funding behind this vision, thre is lot of activity around this in Singapore.

This is an intrguing vision. Not very far from EventWeb, but definitely different in many ways. More on that some other time. Currently I am just trying to get a handle on what types of things are happening both in industry and acdemia in this area. Certainly an exciting vision backed by lots of funding. Clearly one more indicator that experiential computing is coming.

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  2. Teck Khim Ng

    With the advances in pervasive computing, we can expect the physical space and the digital space to be seamlessly integrated in the near future. The physical and digital space co-exist (co-space) and the entire digital space is at your disposal!

    When that happens, it will change the way we live! — that’s one reason to be excited about this co-space initiative….

  3. YeSun

    Recently, MPEG decided to develop MPEG-V (V represented the first letter of Virtual). I read the their requirement document and aims of Co-space and MPEG-V are almost same. Interesting…!!!

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