Date News
1/25/2016 Book: Situation Recognition Using EventShop (With Vivek Singh) is now in production with Springer. Need it before April, contact me.
headshot_researcher7/10/2015 Spotlight Published: Let’s Weave the Visual Web. IEEE Multimedia Magazine July 2015
11/15/2014headshot_researcher Interview Published: Ramesh Jain Interview for Chinese Professional Organization. CCCF Magazine April 2015
11/15/2014headshot_researcher Research paper published: Ramesh Jain: Toward Social Life Networks. IEEE Computer 47(11): 86-88 (2014)
10/15/2014headshot_researcher Research vision paper published: Ramesh Jain, Laleh Jalali: Objective Self. IEEE MultiMedia 21(4): 100-110 (2014)
08/01/2014headshot_teacher Textbook on Multimedia is Published by Cambridge Press..
07/15/2013headshot_teacher Book on Event Information Management is Published by Morgan Claypool..
04/17/2013headshot Ramesh’s research in Objective Self was profiled in UCI News.
04/08/2013headshot_teacher Ramesh was quoted in New York Times about the use of Big Data by Mobilewalla .
03/28/2013headshot Ramesh to KeyNote at Social Web for Disaster Management in Rio de Janeiro on May 14th.
03/15/2013headshot_researcher Research paper published in Royal Society.Ramesh Jain,”EventWeb: Toward Social Life Networks”, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, Vol 371, No. 1987, March 2013.
12/03/2012setareh-rafatirad Setareh Rafatirad is now Dr S Rafatirad. She defended her dissertation and has since joined George Mason University.
10/01/2012hamed-pirsiavash Hamed is now Dr. H Pirsiavash. He defended his thesis and was awarded his doctorate. Currently, he is at MIT.
09/06/2012mingyan-gao Mingyan Gao is now Dr. Mingyan Gao
08/20/2012vivek-singh Vivek Singh is now Dr. Vivek Singh