Metamorphosis of India

It is always interesting to see a place going through metamorphosis. This is the time when the place exists in multiple time periods. Usually these time periods may span over several decades. But in some places this span could be centuries. India is going through such a transformation.

I just returned back from India where I gor a chance to capture some of this using my camera. Textual description is not adequate to present this metamorphosis. I am posting several pictures on flickr with tag ‘MoI’. During this teip I visited Gurgaon — close to New Delhi — and Nagpur. More interesting photos are from Gurgaon where one can see the most modern buildings and facilities co-exist with things and practices of early 20th century or even earlier. You can see these photos using the tag MoI or going directly to this point and following from here to see a few photos.

One has to be at such a place to experience what is going on. Raingods were kind to me to give me 4 hours to drive around and enjoy this metamorphosis. It was an enlightening experience.

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