One day in London

I just came back from this hectic trip to London.  I went there for one day to attend the wedding of Shruti and Keval — Shruti is daughter of my long time friend — about 50 years of my 57 years of existence — Prakash in Nagpur.  It is always fun to attend such occassions — this turned out to be special.  Keval is from a Patel family who migrated from Kenya to England.  It was interesting to see how people from this culture have rarely been to India but still maintain very Indian culture,  Another interesting thing — though not surprising but still an experience was to meet so many people, young and old, man and woman, who were Indian looking but spoke English with a strong British accent.  This is true globalization of the world.

Weddings are a great occassion to watch people. I always find it intriguing how different we all are still how similar we all are.  Independent of country and culture, people seem to be exactly the same.

While staying with these families and attending this function, I realized how cultural values remain strong even after multiple generations of migration of people over multiple continents. 

But it was tiring because Sudha and were in London for just a bit more than one day — total 27 hours including transportation to and from residence.  And we are not yet over our jet lag from the last trip.

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