Live Sex on-Demand in Hotels

NYT has an article on live sex on-demand may become available in hotel rooms on TV.

Gregory Clayman, the owner of the live-action company Video Secrets, predicted that the industry would soon be selling not just videos on demand in mainstream hotels, but images of people having sex live over the hotels’ entertainment systems.

“We feel that live, right now, is coming of age,� Mr. Clayman said. “We are planning to make the jump to hotel rooms.�

He said that as television sets and computers merge into the same appliance, he saw no reason that live action sex would not get a place in on-demand services in hotels. Some existing Web sites already allow customers to send text messages to direct the performers.

While developing (Remote) Presence technology at Praja in 1997, many of our marketing people wanted to use ouur multiple perspective interactive video technology for exactly this application.  Our company did not want to get in this business so did not even think about this.  It is interesting to hear about this being predicted now.

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