We Generation

Stefanie Olsen talks about kids growing up with the Web and how they are exposed to global information leading to a new generation:

 Researchers say this kind of environment, in which parents aren’t afraid of or are clueless about technology, is fostering a new generation of kids who are naturally adept with technology and comfortable with having virtual access to friends, family and the world at large. They have a much more global outlook at a younger age, and experts from the research firm Iconoculture say that unlike the picture of entitled teens and 20-somethings that many pundits have dubbed the Me Generation, today’s kids under the age of 11 are part of what Iconoculture dubs “Generation We.”

Interesting observation.  You hear too many times about the negative aspects of kids spending too much time on Internet, so this is refreshing viewpoint.  All good comes with some bad but most people like to talk about the bad more than about the good.

Another interesting observation:

 This generation hasn’t rejected TV, but the way Generation We watches the tube has evolved from their parents’ days. What’s been called the “Tivo-ization” of households now give kids unprecedented freedom over the handling of their TV diet, so much so that young kids often don’t understand the traditional way of watching shows with a set geography and time. And now that TV shows are migrating to portable devices and are streamed on demand from the Web, the experience for kids is even more interactive and community-based.

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