NowLedger 2

Fundamentally, NL is World Wide EventWeb (WWEW) that synergistically builds on current WWW, Web technology, emerging sensors and sensor nets, and wireless technology.

NowLedger system collects events (of all types from all sources), aggregates, assimilates, and links them to form an EventWeb. A user can easily search and navigate the EventWeb to find events of interest and all information and experiences associated with them. An event could be any happenings ranging from the birthday of my pet to the final match in the World Cup Soccer, a brief earthquake in southern California to a deadly hurricane in Florida, or an impromptu performance on the Huntigton Pier by local artists to the Academy awards.

NL uses authored event information to sensor detected events and provides a unified environment to detect, represent, store, and index events for use by people from different backgrounds.

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  1. Urmi

    Thanks for the updates.NowLedger is a great advancement from the point of view of technology.With the ease of accessibility of so many events with the help of this,NL will surely be hugely popular.Look forward to hearing more about it from you.

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