NL 3: Beyond the current WWW

NL system takes the Web approach to the next stage. Some salient features of this system are:
1. In addition to people creating content, the content is also created by myriad sensors.
2. The content is not only documents (containing photos and videos), but is also live events and experiences associated with events.
3. Access to content is not only based on search and navigation mechanisms, but is also closely tied to the physical context (such as place and time) of the user.
4. People can access past documents and data, but can also be immersed in live events.
5. Past data and current context can be used to predict future events for alerting a user.
We believe that the above functionality will be gradually implemented in NL. The design of NL is influenced by the goal to bring above functionalities.

One thought on “NL 3: Beyond the current WWW

  1. Urmi

    Thanks for the details.NL according to me will go a long way in making functionalities more prominent.I am very hopeful with NL.Would keep a close track of it too.Look forward to more such details.

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