Working with a group of people, we are dreaming about building a very ambitious project: NowLedger. The name cames from two ideas — (k)nowledge and a ledger of what is happening now. In the next few posts, I will discuss some ideas behind this project.

Many map-based systems put us in the middle of space that contains increasingly rich information about the surroundings. Such mapping systems have resulted in numerous services that we now routinely use. Mobile phones are making navigation systems with turn-by-turn guidance, including photos, are now commonly used even in developing countries. Many applications using GPS are rapidly trying to merge cyber space with our physical surroundings to provide us more relevant information.

NowLedger builds on rapid advances in mapping, micro-blogging, live sensors, and web technologies to bring the next revolutionary version of Web – The World Wide EventWeb (WWEW). NL immerses you in a live space where things are happening all around you and you are free to select, attend, and even participate in activities. In this white paper we present our vision of NL. We discuss functionality, architecture, and technology components that are required to make this vision a reality.

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