Most (Indian) Grads Unemployable

Times of India has an article about the pathetic state of Indian education situation.  This article reports that:

Most students fail to make a mark. Yes, they have a degree, but they are not employable. They lack technical and soft skills.

“He said the curriculum was outdated in most places and equipment used was obsolete; students had weak foundations because of which they were not picking up new skills. “The biggest failure is that students don’t possess soft skills to discuss, present and articulate,”he added.

Karnik, in fact, blamed the education system for not emphasising on communication and articulation, or laying importance on team work.

“The only team work our students know of is when they play cricket or football,”he added. Karnik said most companies had to spend a lot of time training fresh graduates.
“You are creating graduates, but they are not employable. People invest time and money in education expecting a return; they either need to get a job or they must be able to create jobs. But that is not happening; the university system needs a shake-up,” Karnik said.

This is not the first time this issue is being raised.  last year similar statements were made by Naryana Murthy of Infosys.  India can not afford just to be proud of IITs and IIMs.  A strong overall education system is essential to maintain the momentum it has achieved.  This is a situation that needs urgent attention.  But do we really believe that our politicians even care for this?

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