Barry Diller wants to revolutionize News

Barry Diller wants to revolutionize News on Internet.  He said:

“I actually think that there’s going to be real opportunity in the conversion of print journalism to online, real opportunity, which I think very few people have attacked head on,” Diller told the Reuters Media Summit in New York.

“We’re doing it in our way from an original product creation at this point. I can’t really talk about what we’re doing because we’re, I think, fairly close to announcing it,” he said.

I like this and I am eagerly waiting to see what he has to offer.  News has not changed for long time and Google and Yahoo have been remarkably unimaginative in the area of News.  It will be interesting to see some real out-of-the-Newspaer thinking about presenting News.  Basically News is nothing but ‘report’ of events, perspective on events, and details of events.  In the current media, borrowing from Marshall McLuhan, Report has become the Event.  What needs to happen is to bring back the event in focus with reports, perspectives and details provided to enhance the News experience.

One thought on “Barry Diller wants to revolutionize News

  1. Nick

    The concept of “Online News” has entered a very strange period. “News” and what constititutes “News” is constantly changing. While traditional news outlets(CNN, NYTimes etc) are struggling to make their News, the traditional news, profitable online – It seems like Bloggers, and the sensationalist media they echo are cashing in, their only real contribution being personal commentary.

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