Interesting approach to make your team victorious

When I read about this in multiple Indian Newspapers, I could not help but find it ‘interesting’ enough to share it with some of my friends who connect here.  Of course, this is not technology — the topic I usually talk about — but it definitely is related to the state of technological advances in my homeland.  Here is what one of these reports had to say:

Varanasi: Worried over the string of drubbings suffered by the Indian cricket team, ‘sadhus’ performed a ‘Yajna’ on the banks of Ganga to pray for the success of the Men in Blue in South Africa.

Even the Muslim community of this holy city did not lag behind and organised a ‘Duakhwani’ (community prayer) in the Lallapura locality to pray for the return of winning habit to Team India.

I see this approach to solving problem in India soap operas also.  Must be effective if so many people think it is.  Or is it?

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