End of DVD!!!

The way things are going, DVD may become extinct or a remote secondary mechanism for distributing content. NYT has an article that summarizes the direction of content delivery.

The decade-old DVD moved two small steps closer yesterday to technology’s endangered-species list.

Wal-Mart, the country’s largest seller of movies, announced that next year it will begin testing a video download service on its Web site.

In another sign that the race to put video content online is accelerating, the Internet firm BitTorrent, once a pariah for enabling vast unauthorized video file-sharing, plans to announce today that it has struck distribution deals with eight media partners, including 20th Century Fox, Paramount and MTV Networks.

This does appear a natural course of evolution.

2 thoughts on “End of DVD!!!

  1. modular homemaker

    On demand entertainment is definitely much better and is also more child safe. My niece has destroyed many DVDs causing my sister to buy several copies of the same DVD. I for one think this progression is a great one. I still enjoy some “obsolete” media like vinyl records but I doubt DVDs will ever be like that.

  2. domain name freek

    I don’t think they will try online movies just yet. they have to make enough money from blue-ray. so they can get you to buy back all the movies you already own. I can already se this happening with tv shows though. online movies and tv show, music you name it we’ll all be caring around hard drive with thousands of movies on them sooner or later.

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