Grand Challenge Problems at ACM Multimedia 2009

ACM Multimedia 2009 is starting a very innovative session: Grand Challenge Problems sponsored by Industry. See the announcement.

This is truly a very good idea and I am proud to see that ACM Multimedia has started this.

2 thoughts on “Grand Challenge Problems at ACM Multimedia 2009

  1. Christian Timmerer

    I would agree on this statement, very innovative and I’m also happy looking forward to the results. However, I hope that some more challenges are coming soon as, for example, for multimedia communication I don’t see video conferencing as the main/only issue. This may be the result that only some companies have used this opportunity while others have been excluded??? *very provocative written* 😉 … or simply are not aware of that … or ignoring it.

  2. Mor

    Hi Christian (and Ramesh!),

    Everybody is invited to join – the current set of companies are a some of the of companies we approached, and some of them had approached us. In any case, it’s not too late for companies to pose their own challenges.

    Unfortunately, even if we have 20 or 2000 additional companies, I still do not think we’ll cover all of the world’s Multimedia problems 🙂

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