Getting funding for startups getting tougher

In these days of financial difficulties all around, no wonder that one hears stories all around that getting funding for starting a technical startup is getting more difficult. First we heard os VC cuts. Now NYT reports on Angel Investors pulling back sharply.

4 thoughts on “Getting funding for startups getting tougher

  1. Mark

    In the near term it is hard to see these problems getting any better. I think some business angels will be missed, but some will not. We are paying the price for short-termism at the moment and to avoid these problems again we need people who invest to build strong businesses. The current fast buck VC model is not that. I say good riddance!

  2. Ramesh Post author

    This is true — in difficult times, strong models survive.
    I guess this is right time to pay our respect to Darwin for survival of the fittest.

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