VNIT Golden Jubilee

I had the pleasure of attending the Golden Jubilee of my Alma Mater – Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur. I graduated from there in 1969. This brought back several memories from those days. I also had a wonderful time reminiscing with some friends from those days.

Traditionally, in India there was not much effort in bringing together alums and forming a fraternity that helped the Institute. It is very heartening to see that finally that is happening.
Hopefully, the trend will continue. This is not only rewarding – it is also something that helps the society, and obviously the Institute. I am so happy to that I could attend that.

An added benefit was that I was recognized among 10 distinguished graduates of VNIT at this occasion. Among all the awards that one can get, the most rewarding are those that come from people who helped shape your life. I must say that this was one of the most satisfying recognition.

The organizing team headed by Mr Kamdar and my good friend Shashi Chaudhary did an excellent job in bringing together this event that may be starting of change in the culture at VNIT.