Photos: A New Challenge (3)

Mobile Phone Cameras definitely present a new challenge. They are very different from photos taken earlier by people to capture ‘moments’. Though people wanted to capture those moments – people had to prepare for those moments. Thus, the moments were rarely spontaneous; they were carefully planned moments. Also, those moments could not be shared with others easily. The sharing had to wait until interest in the moment had diminished significantly. Mobile Phone Cameras open up a new way to share experiences – the moments are spontaneous and can be shared spontaneously.

But that does not mean that these photos will end once they have been shared. Many emerging mobile photo apps give an impression that the whole purpose of the camera is to capture the moment and share it. The beauty of the photography process is that you want to share it later with people and also want to relive moments.

Since the process of capture of photos and storing them is effortless and almost without a price, people take more photos. And because they take more photos, sharing later and reliving requires some kind of organization to facilitate finding ‘right moment, with right person, at right place, during a right event’. What we require are systems that will allow us to easily find the ‘right moment, with right person, at right place, during a right event’.

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