Total Recall — an eChronicle

MyLifeBits project by Gordon Bell has received good media attention from its early days. There is a nice article in the latest issue of Spectrum on this project.

If privacy is your overriding concern, MyLifeBits may not be for you. But if managing the details of a full and hectic life is a problem, the benefits of the system would be undeniable. Who was that venture capitalist you sat next to on that trans-Atlantic flight last year? Where is that Web site with a schematic and parts list for a radio-controlled clock? You saw it a few weeks ago. Which little hotel in Hong Kong did your brother-in-law recommend? What was that nice wine at the sales-meeting dinner last June? Countless details such as these, some pivotal, others trivial, could be as easy to call up as the names in that dog-eared address book.

The basic idea of objective logging surrounding you and providing an environment to access information is useful in many applications. This area is likely to emerge as an interesting application in many different forms.

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