A site combining Taxonomy and Folksonomy

It was an obvious thing to happen. So in response to a quote from my recent post related to taxonomy and folksonomy in a post by Rajesh on emergic.org, it was brought to our attention that there is newly launched sports video company called broadbandsports.com that tries to combine this. You may want to check it out.

One thought on “A site combining Taxonomy and Folksonomy

  1. Greg Prosl

    Thanks for the plug, Ramesh.

    BroadbandSports.com employs a very basic classification system, based on “sports� and just a few well-defined subcategories. We believe a hybrid is the best approach, especially as we are dealing with a clear and generally narrower community, in which we have had lots of experience, both professionally and personally.

    We also employ both a “narrow” and “broad” folksonomy, allowing both video contributors and the community at-large to tag content.

    In this way, we address the problem of finding and adequately “describing’ the contents and or “meaning� of video programming.

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