Third World First

I received a link to an interesting article in Boston Globe from Neil. This article shows examples of cases where some advanced technology is first developed in third world countries and then will come to advanced countries. The councluding paragraph of the article says it very eloquently:

But the First World will have to share the stage with the Third World in a way it never has before. For centuries, the world’s standards were set in its most advanced nations and poorer ones emulated and imitated. But now, it is likely to be the developing world that dictates many of our technological platforms and sets the pace of change. It has the numbers – and in aggregate, the money. It’s inevitable that innovation’s center of gravity will ultimately follow.

I believe that mobile phone is really bringing the next revoutionary stage in computing that will bring experiential computing to the centre stage. And this will really evolve first in the developing countries and then only it will come to developed country. This is a great chance for some emerging companies in developing countries to take lead and become world leaders.

5 thoughts on “Third World First

  1. anthony

    In the past few decades, third world countries have closed gap in evolving their society to contend with the market of the first world competitors. Third world countries ususally have their few goods and services that the rest of the world needs, now outsourcing is so big that its becoming obsolete and Third world countries are now trying to have their people outsourced to america to take jobs that they have been trained on for their whole lives replacing americans who dont necessarily perfect in one subject but do multiple tasks.

  2. luxury

    cell phones are really coming to an age where technology rules and what can be done with a cell phone is. Europeans can already scan items they choose to purchase with a single click of a button, along with checking prices to get a better deal with one button. There will be no need for Ids, wallets or paper money as long as you have your cell phone you can do anything and if you lose it, your whole life is ruined!

  3. school supplies

    I can see how we will use cell phones for the financial part of our lives, but what about uses for keys and passwords. I think it will eventually go to keycards, they will have bar codes that scan everywhere and depending on your password or security level of code that depends on where you can and cannot get in. It creates a type of social level of acceptance.

  4. adam

    I think it would be a benefit for the whole world to get computer to unfortunate countries. I would rather pay taxes for others to benefit than for it to go to the Govt. to distribute it how they see fit.

  5. benji

    Even though the majority of taxes will increase for the people and business that make over a certain amount of money. These people make up only 2% of the population so hopefully this will bring things back around.

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