Obama victory — Indian SC ruling

I find it very ironic and intriguing that on one hand the whole world is celebrating Obama’s victory as a symbol that people can rise aboive race and make rational and unprejudiced decision and on the other the Supreme Court in India has to declare that

“What’s the difference between North Indians and Indians. All of us are Indians,” a Bench of Justices B N Aggrawal and G S Singhvi quipped, while posting for Monday, a PIL seeking judicial inquiry into the killing of a Bihari youth Rahul Raj in a police encounter and the murder of another North Indian in Mumbai last month.

As pointed out aptly by the justices:

“Can it be done through an order of this court. It is a political question not a court issue. If there is a political will it can be tackled,” a bench of Justices B N Aggrawal and G S Singhvi observed.

Lets hope that people will learn for Obama example set by USA on Nov. 4, 2008.

4 thoughts on “Obama victory — Indian SC ruling

  1. Acai Berry

    All though I feel that it is good to have faith, there are still racial issues with in the US and there always will be. Racism will never leave this earth because there is just to much hate in this world.

  2. dll error

    Race is going to be a constant problem till we’re all the exact same color. For some reason people feel like they need to take race into account. It should be a non-issue. I’m displeased with how the US also caters to races, affirmative action? AKA legalized racism built into the structures of our society. Totally bogus if you ask me.

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