Terrorism in India

India seems to have more than its share of terrorist activities lately. Many major cities had problems. The current craziness in Mumbai is very disturbing because it shows two things: the reach and style of terrorism is continuously changing and (I am sorry to say) India Govt has proved (over the last 2-4 years) that they are totally incompetent in dealing with any emergency situation.

Much has been said about the events. I only hope that the country of Mahavira, Buddha, and Gandhi will gracefully deal with the fact that religious fanatacism is increasing among Hindus and Muslims rapidly. Unfortunately, given the current political leaders and their actions, it seems that all wrong actions will be taken. Very depressing time for we all Indians who want to see India continue on its path to progress.

3 thoughts on “Terrorism in India

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  2. Laura

    It´s really horrible what happened there. Nobody has counted with such an attack. Which motivation do those terrorists have? It´s the question? Is that an independant terror group? Or maybe directed by a terror network?
    Well I hope India will manage it, it would be very sad for that country that has been on the right way.

  3. Antony

    Yes it´s tru and when i think about it that one month earlier i was there with my friends and it was beautyfull. The Country is very friendly …At this moment we can´t belive that.

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