Spreading Joy

Sometimes some simple things spread so much joy! We have one such thing with us.

Just as an example — today we went to a mall with Osito. No exaggeration, at least 75 people wanted to pet him. They wanted to know what is his breed and how old is he. Thy all think that he is a puppy — he is 13 year old — a real old age for a dog. Everybody thinks that he looks like a stuffed anial — more a Teddy Bear,
It is very interesting that whenever we are with Osito, almost everybody around looks ar him and start smiling and points to him in conversation with his/her companions. And this reaction ranges from about 3 year old to 80 year old and is independent of sex and race.

I feel so amazed that a small animal can give so much joy to everyone without doing any thing — just being himself. And I feel so happy to have him part of our family.

Here is a link to Osito’s photo.

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