iPhone or mComputer

More you read about iPhone and think about it, more you are convinced that the strategy is to popularize a device that will be a mobile computer, rather than a phone.

I like the direction. This is revolutionary.

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  1. MBA Programs

    Many people are of this opinion that a phone will always be just a phone, regardless of the capabilities that are added, but frankly speaking, they will become something else when talk about their operational capabilities. Today we may buy laptops to complement our desktops. Tomorrow it might be the case that we will buy smart phones for many or most of these mobile functions.

    Smart phone is not invented by Apple but one can not ignore the fact that the iPhone has now become the standard by which all smart phones are now judged. There are various factors which could dominate the market like methods to access the functions, the nature of the design, and even the look of the device etc.

  2. Bling

    Within a short time, it’s changed many aspects of our lives. My kids with their iphones are very different from us at their age.

  3. Luke

    The mobile computer is practical to our needs so I’m sure it is the direction. I’m sure it will be very popular as it gets affordable.

  4. Free iPhone 3GS

    The thing about the iPhone is, it’s made a personal pocket computer/PDA tool that was only for geeks or business people hip for the socialites!!

    Everyone has to have one so they can stay connected be it by phone call, text message, e-mail, facebook or twitter. The fact it’s stylish and essentially the iPod touch with a phone and other features built in made it an easy gadget to push to those that would of never otherwised considered a pocket PC.

    Well done Apple!!

  5. Dr. Rory Lewis

    Yes, the iPhone has now become the standard. I recently went to the iPhone 360iDev in Denver and in the 474 days since teh iPhone began – over 50 million devices have downloaded close to a billions apps. The iPhone and the iTablet are only beginning.

  6. Debbie Gordon

    The iPhone is a mobile computer that happens to have a phone. An amazing device that is truly changing the world.

    Give it 5 years and you will leave the house with only your iPhone as it will replace your wallet.


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