Smart Phones to become Phones

The way things always work, it is clear that all this talk about ‘smart phones’ is going the same way as ‘camera phones’ and many other similar advanced devices have gone. A common device adds some features that are usually expensive and is considered useful for a exclusive community. In a matter of a few years the adjective — like ‘camera’ from camera phone — is dropped because every device in that class attains those features. This is the way things work – particularly in the electronic space.

So all this talk about the ‘smart phone’ being for business people or for advanced countries should be ignored by smart entrepreneurs. They should design their applications assuming that by the time their applications, assuming they are working on a non-trivial application, will be ready and will get traction, all phones will have the features of today’s smartphones. They can be sure that every fisherman in Kerala and every bushman in Africa will be carrying todays smartphones in a matter of few years.

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