Augmented reality comes of Age

Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming a popular word among start-up, particularly mobile phones related start-ups. Almost on daily basis you see announcement related to some new functionality or a new iPhone/android application related to augmented reality. Projections from analysts show growing market evolving in this area.

Augmented reality, as the term suggests, is technology to enhance reality around you. Since mobile phones accompany you to wherever you go and have enough sensors to catch the real aworld around you, including the location, they are the prime target to show you what is and what is happening around you. Current ARsystems usually project on your phone screen what is around you, may even superimpose on camera image on the screen. Lately they have also started showing who among your network may be around you and what may be happening around you. This is definitely an important application when you are at a new place — or even at a familiar place. Remember until recently, you never felt that navigation systems should be part of a car, but now you have started feeling like that. In a sense, your navigation system is one of the earliest application of AR.

I find this area very exciting. particularly with growth in sensor networks it may indeed be one of the most promising area to evolve in the next few years.

4 thoughts on “Augmented reality comes of Age

  1. Website design

    Yeah you are right…Augmented reality has really become very popular these days.Thanks for explaining the concept so very well.Let’s hope it’s here to stay.Look forward to hearing from you soon again.

  2. Kali McCarthy

    its funny how you hear the term so much yet when you ask what it was or what it meant, the people using it cant explain or give a good description. you did a good job in only 3 short paragraphs.

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