Seraja Reincarnation at UCI

Due to generosity of Rajesh Jain, Seraja has reincarnated at UCI. He was a true ‘jain’ when he said that he invested ($2M) in development of Seraja because he wanted to see my dream of event-based computing and eventweb come to life. So if Seraja did not work out as a company, he would be happy to see it take life at UCI as a research tool and be used by researchers.

Well, with the efforts of Arjun Satish and Mingyan Gao (and others) it is now running at
and you can use it as you want to. The interfaces and functionality will evolve and it will become more and more effective. I am very pleased by Mingyan and Arjun — they are indeed making very good progress.

Some users are already starting to download their applications and soon there will be concrete efforts in deep history and other applcations. Great to see that EventWeb is taking shape.

4 thoughts on “Seraja Reincarnation at UCI

  1. Arjun Ram

    Glad to see seraja in its new incarnation.

    IMHO, One of the problems why seraja didnt stick was the lack of a clear UI and it tried to do too many things.

    Are you thinking about opensourcing some of the components? Would like to see the backbone drive other opportunities in the eventweb. Thoughts?

  2. Ramesh Post author

    Thanks, Arjun. We do want to clean up things and think a bit before opening it up for people to use it. Interestingly, how fast we do that depends on how fast Arjun (Satish) can do it.

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