Intelligence Analysts

As they say: To a person with a hammer, every problem in the world is head of a nail. And I am a person excited about EventWeb. So when I read about the program in A-SpceX that is tying to develop very progessive tools for Intelligence Analysts, I felt that this is nothing but an EventWeb. Ultimately most analysis is relating events to each other — mostly discuvering causal relationships among past events leading to an event of interest. And going forward it becomes projecting causality among events for future.

Give that we did not have and do not have good mechanisms to deal with information related to events and repationships among events, no surprise that such analysis has been tedious except in those areas where closed form mathematical solutions could be developed. So it is clear to me that EventWeb tools will become very effective in Intelligence Analysis.

This is true, however, for most analysis whether scientific, dinancial, or intelligence. Analysis is the same basic process with differences due to domain and problem being analyzed.

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