Rehabilitation from Knee Surgery

It is well known that knee surgery is painful and it takes long time to recover and get back to normal. For me it has been more than 3 weeks — surgery was on 5/15 — and I have moved from the walker to the cane now. Usually the pain is OK under pain killers or the ice treatment. But there are times — possibly because of my reluctance to take pain killers — when the pain tells you that your knee has gone thru a real traumatic experience. Of course curring bones and then attaching a metallic joint does sound painful and you expect pain, but in life you expect many things but when they happen they are unbelievable.

On the positive side, I am walking a lot more thn I was a week ago and hopefully in another 10 days, I should be much better.

As they say, most people love the results of knee replacement after about 6-8 weeks from the surgery date. I just want this period to be over quickly.

3 thoughts on “Rehabilitation from Knee Surgery

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  2. Anonymous

    Dear Dr. Jain,

    I remember one of your posts where you had mentioned what cancer had given you, rather than worry about what cancer had taken away. Do a similar exercise with your knee surgery and you will be pleasantly surprised to see that even for this surgery the inconvenience is really minor compared to the plus points it has enabled. Anything that happens, happens for the best!! If we think otherwise, we are arguing with reality and we lose only 100%. Think of everyday, every thing, as a gift and a learning experience. You will begin to see how much life is good and interesting.

    Take care!

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