Experiential Computing

I have been thinking about experiential computing and why it will make difference. Some thoughts that came to mind are given here.

Imagine emerging experiential devices — like future generations of iPhones — available to most people in the world as an ‘Experiential Pen’ for capturing and sharing their experiences and powerful experience mining approaches to derive knowledge and information from those. Imagine googling all the worlds experiential knowledge captured by most, if not all, social demographics with zero latency. Imagine ability to search for live events and activities as if everyone could be omniscient and be present anywhere she wants to be. And imagine, education evolving towards more experience and explorations early on, providing a holistic view of things first and then explaining theory and fundamentals in proper context. With experiential computing, these are not distant future but are round the corner.

2 thoughts on “Experiential Computing

  1. Bob Dowel

    Sounds very promising… just wish it would happen sooner rather than later! All these new technologies promoting “green” (http://www.pressportal.com.au/news/120/) and such technologies. Do you think we’re concentrating on things that are not relevant? Shouldn’t we be applying our knowledge elsewhere? Why can we enforce rapid change? Such as in the automotive industry to promote faster growth, safer and cleaner cars. I think we should be concentrating on our resources and the future generations problems to come!!

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