Prospective of Multimedia Search

Last week I gave a talk at CHORUS Conference in Brussels, Belgium on my vies of current search and the future of search, particularly of multimedia search. In fact all future search will be multimedia search so ther term ‘multimedia’ here is soon going to be redundant and will disappear like ‘digital’ has from digital computers. Some of the organizers had requested me to be very open in expressing my opinions and not to be diplomatic but be direct in my views about the state of search. So if you are interested in seeing my views, you can get to it either thru my home page:

or directly from

One thought on “Prospective of Multimedia Search

  1. steve

    I agree with the future of multimedia search. Although I was surprise that the SearchMe search engine has been taken down. For me they were the best example of effective visual multimedia search engine. Seem like it’s still expensive to maintain multimedia search. Here is a list of multimedia features they were provided:

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