Personal Butler on iPhone: Siri

There is a new assistant announced for iPhone. According to this article

Siri deals with the hassle of accessing multiple sites to explore options, make choices, get reservations and buy tickets. It saves your favorites, keeps track of your bookings, and helps you remember what you liked about a place or event. It helps you invite your friends to things you arrange with Siri. It does things that a personal assistant would do for you using the Internet.

This system knows about you and can interact with you to find what you want to get and then go to Internet and get you that information effortlessly. Clearly this is the way we will get information in future, but I did not realize that future is already here.

I was (like many other people) involved in developing a product like this (we called it Ramu a popular butler name in India) about 7 years ago. I guess it was before its time and of course that tiem we did not even think about speech interface.

It is very heartening to see such exciting applications being developed.

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