Planning: Time or events

While discussing with a friend he made an interesting statement: “Earlier I used to plan my India trips using time, now I do using events.” This indeed is very interesting statement — indeed.

Do we really plan things in time or do we convert events to calendar time so we can synchronize and observe all events on relative basis. Most people like to plan their India trip not on absolute time (or calendar basis) but based on when do summer (or Xmas holidays) start. I think in most cases all planning is based on events — calendar is just a mechanism to study relative temporal relations among events.

Calendar is a structuring mechanism on time — very similar to pixels used to represent images. We know that we do not use location in an image to represent an object — once we know the object, we can use pixels to specify its position. Similarly, point on time represented by Year:Month:Day:Hour:Minute:Second does NOT represent an event. However, once we know the event, we can find or place it on the timeline and then compare it to occurrence of other events.

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