Intriguing Observation about Singapore

I have visited Singapore many times but never though about this until pointed out today by Dilip and Charu Kokate that one never sees a laborer (whether from India, Malayasia, or any other country) on Orchard Road or any other major pla ces of tourist attraction. There are significant number of these workers here, but I have never seen any of them at any place except on Sunday afternoon in Little India. Why does this happen? This is very intriguing. I can not think of a reason for this to happen or how could the system control this?

2 thoughts on “Intriguing Observation about Singapore

  1. smitha

    I don’t think there are any hurdles or barricades per se.
    What the bangladeshi and other such construction workers are needed is their local flavor which can be found in Little India, and probably in Geylang where their sexual appetites can be fulfilled at affordable rates rather than expensive Orchard towers.

  2. Richard Krueger

    The reason is simple as far as Little India is concerned, there is a street there with the brothels for guest laborers – which mainly operates on Sunday. As far as Orchard Road is concerned, this is a high class district probably out of the price range (and comfort range) of the people you speak about.

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