Photo Taking Behaviour: Teens of Photography

Comes 2009 (which conveniently I consider for this discussion as 2010) and we enter the new decade — lets call Teens. Teens brought smartphones, first iPhone and then Android. The camera in these phones is not the same quality as P6000 or D80, but is acceptable quality. But these devices (yes I carry both – call me crazy) have excellent quality camera from my perspective because now I rarely print photos and the 5MegaPixel is more than enough quality to view on a monitor and on my phone. More importantly, I can immediately send photos I capture at the moment and of the moment to Facebook or email them to relevant people. The luxury I did not have earlier. Now I can literally share moments with my friends and family 10,000 miles away within moments of those key moments. Moreover, I can broadcast them or directly share them. And the cost to do this is the most attractive – ZERO. And the convenience – well I have my phones always with me – so I don’t need to carry any special camera with me.

So now I don’t have to even think of my cameras. I noticed that first my D80 stopped traveling with me. And in the last two trips it did not travel even to places where normally it would have gone. But what is more surprising is that though P6000 went with me but did not come out of my bag. All the photos that I took were taken using VisR on Android, and many were taken using iPhone camera. I also took some photos using Instagram and in Foursquare. This trip I did not take any photos using picplz or Path – I have no explanation – just that is what happened. Several photos that I took were shared immediately on Facebook and I even heard comments from people within minutes. In one case even got some helpful hints.

And this is just the beginning of Teens. All indications are that photography is going through same temperamental period as Teens go through. Based on all technological progress ranging from hardware to software to social practices to spread of cameras in developing countries to more than 75% of all humans, I am eagerly waiting to see how this field is going to evolve. I must say, however, that I am very optimistic about the future of photography as a experience sharing medium.

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  1. Rob the Bristol Photographer

    And it’s not just cameras. I find now that my Iphone acts not only as my photographic studio, but also as my PC, my Music centre, my contact book, my TV, my home cinema, my portable gaming device, a gps locator and encyclopedia……as well as a phone.

    And all in a device the size of a small, sleek, wallet.

    Teens never had it so good.

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