Phone as identity

Almost everybody has a mobile phone now. Worldwide there are more than 5 Billion mobile phones in the world and 6.5 Billion people. Based on this, many people have thought of using phone numbers as ‘id’ for a person. An entrepreneurial friend – Rajesh Jain from Mumbai India — has taken an interesting step based on this idea. He formed a company — — that will allow you to create your ‘web site’ which will be your So if your number is 1234567890 then your site will be This site will be linked to your phone and will know who you are in real world.
Once you have this, one can start developing all kind of interesting things that will become part of your information — which could be private, for your groups, or for everybody. It is your decision what you do with the site.

I think this is a great idea with strong potential. I saw a demo and heard about 3 weeks ago in Mumbai, but could not get out of my head though have been very busy — had to scribble about it at the first opportunity.

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