Photo Software: Revised Reality has two articles related to photos today.

First one talks about the enhanced photo sharing software from HP.

For example, Group Rooms, a new photo-sharing tool, allows users to create their own Web page, with a unique URL, to which the page creator, and invited friends and family, can add and view photos. Group members receive e-mail updates when the “room” has been updated.

The second article talks about ‘Revised Reality’:

Today’s cameras will let you do more than adjust the flash; they’ll let you adjust reality. Photo-adjusting features that once required a PC and special know-how are now allowing consumers to alter a photo as soon as it’s snapped.

Using my Casio EXILIM S-500, I have been taking pictures for some time that allow different picture taking modes. And based on personal experience I can see the point:

With new tools, average people can create their own “pictures that lie” at the moment of capture, without any trace of the real image that was seen with the naked eye.

“People in the legal world are now concerned about whether photos can be accepted as evidence anymore, especially when you can alter the scene as you click the shutter,” said Peter Southwick, associate professor and director of the photojournalism program at Boston University. “And in the old days, there was an original, now there is no original. Photography as a tool for providing evidence, or as proof, may not exist anymore.”

Now you can poder about the validity of photographs or of what really is reality.

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  1. Erica Johnson

    I have searched several other sites looking for information on digital cameras and revised reality and all seem to say the exact same facts, there is no new information. If you can’t give me new resources can youdirect me to a site that can?

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    Erica Johnson

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