Events: Flickr and Upcoming

I heard from multiple sources including Michael Parekh and Bradley Horowitz (see his blog) that Upcoming and Flickr are going to make it easy to post each other’s content. Well, that was expected to happen. It does show the importance of experiential components in Events. Upcoming seems to be a growing calendar of events (see ) and is owned by Yahoo! and Flickr is one of the hottest photo sharing site ( ) also owned by Yahoo! — no wonder they will cross-post content whenever possible.

This is important that it happened and it is good for the field. It recognizes that having just calendar of events for popular and ‘folk events’ is not as attractive as it may sound at the first thought. Eventful has been another company ( ) in this space. By bringing photos with events, the appeal of both increases.

I must mention — in the spirit of transparency — that I am co-founder of SEraja ( where we are very interested in making events (not only calendar of events) much more experiential. This site is getting ready to be launched in about a month. You can visit the site — but it is still going through many major changes.

Overall, Yahoo! has taken a good step by bringing these two sites closer.

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  1. Graham Brabham

    I think we will see more collaboration between these types of sites and that can be no bad thing. With so much choice, there will be winners and losers, but a collabrative approach will allow some of the niche players to participate and this has got to be good for the end users.

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    The advance of the social web communities has forced Flickr into the limelight, but the notion of sharing, discussing and commenting on pictures was far from original. Tagging feature has enabled the social web interaction to float to the surface for the average web user, and we firmly believe that the development of the web, wherever it’s headed, has social interaction right at its centre. Despite Flickr’s massive community growing in such a short time, other social media web resources are rocking and rolling as well.

  3. Rowell

    From what I learned, Upcoming opened up a new section, called Undiscovered Events. It has had an impact, as Upcoming founder Andy Baio posted that thanks to the efforts of the Yahoo Local team, the number of events on Upcoming jumped by 3000 percent.

  4. Moving

    Waching video is so much easier than reading – that’s why the new generations watches TV instead of reading books. Books are great for the brain but no one cares any more 🙂

  5. John

    I didn’t know about it.The cross compatibility with Flickr.But it’s a really a good step.
    Upcoming combines features of an event calendar and a social networking site. Primarily, the site is a searchable, browsable repository of upcoming events, such as music concerts, art exhibits, business conferences, and so on. Event information can be contributed by the user community, although an increasing percentage of event data now comes from commercial sources.

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