Pacific Rim Multimedia COnference: Day 2

Today Tsuhan Chen gave a keynote on ‘Marriage of Signal Processing and Machine Learning’.  His research is trying to bring the two fields together.  He does have some interesting ideas.  Tsuhan is a very energetic fellow and is involved in interesting projects.

After his talk, we decided (including Tsuhan) to go and visit Zhejian University and see research demos there and see some of the famous West Lake.  Visit to the university was very good.  There are interesting research project including the one champioed by Raj Reddy of CMU on scanning ancient (Chinese and other) books and making them a part of digital library.  Propf Yeting Zhuang is leading that project and was with us.  He is the Dean of Computer Science at the University — also the organizer of PCM. The operation and research in this project is impressive.

The banquet in evening was well attended.  It was nice to see that my one time colleague (a visitor from Japan in my lab at UCSD) was the winner of the best paper award.

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