Pacific Rim Multimedia Conference: Day 1

The first day at the conference was very interesting.  The day started with a 30 minute opening session and had two key note talks.  There were lots of papers in all aspects of multimedia ranging from retrieval to coding.  Suddenly there seems to be a surge in interest in multiview coding.  There was a tutorial also on this topic and several papers in this area here.

The first keynote was by Ya-Qin Zhang on Mobile computing.  He is the corporate vice president of Microsoft and is the director of Microsoft’s R&D in China.  He outlined what are the challenges in Mobile computing and how Microsoft is dealing with it.  His talk is described here.

I gave the second keynote talk.  There was some pressure on me.  From the morning introductory session I have been called ‘the father of multimedia’ – I had people using this term for me informally, but never so openly on stage and in introductions.  This does put you under pressure.  In any case, I decided to champion the notion of event-based modeling and EventWeb in the talk.  The abstract of the talk is here.  And the presentation is here.

In the evening there was a nice reception with a great Chinese orchestra.  I am posting pictures at flickr.  You can either search with tag PCM06 or go to my stream at

I will also post several of these events at  Again I will use the tag PCM06.

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