One Month Later

On May 15th I had knee surgery so it has been exactly one month now. This surgery is definitely a painful experience but as people say and I know first hand because of my left knee, this painful period is very well rewarded later. This is one of those surgery that makes a big difference in your life style.

In one month — well here is the progress. I can now walk with a cane — and without it also but it is a nice safety device to have and use for at least some more time. I can walk in the house without any thoughts of avoiding the walk and outside also at a time I have walked for more than about 200 yards. And that did not cause any serious pain — I was just concerned that I should not abruptly increase this much.

My physical therapist — Michele Straume — is a great therapist. She pushes you to limits that you can handle but does it in a very nice way so you don’t mind it. It has been a nice experience to work with her. She is definitely the best therapist I worked with in my last and this time. She motivates you and you know that you are pushing yourself to recover at your earliest.

I even drove a little bit yesterday. Since this time it is right knee, I need to use it all the time in driving. I drove for about 10-15 minutes and had no difficulty. I was warned not to drive long distances — obviously my knee is not ready to work for long time without building some more stamina.

This possibly was one of the last updates related to knee surgery — unless there is a specific reason. I love to share my experience hoping that somebody who has to go through similar experience may be looking for informtion and real world experiences from normal patients.

3 thoughts on “One Month Later

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    A buddy of mine just had this surgery as well… he was on the mend for a couple of months. After about a month or so he was back to normal but needed regular physical therapy to get his mobility back. He told me life post-surgery is a lot less miserable than life beforehand, so I guess his pain was worse before than any pain he suffered as a result of the surgery itself. Anyways, I hope you feel better! btw, i just recently started reading this blog… I enjoy it thoroughly and will be a frequent visitor! [I am now an RSS Subscriber :)]

  2. Naif Amoodi

    Knee surgeries can be painful. I went through one last year so I know. It took around 2 months for the pain to fade away but still I experience episodes every now and then. I wish you a speedy recovery

    Best Regards,
    — Naif

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