Information Sites in Multimedia

Maybe I am just ignorant of this, but I feel that Multimedia research community does not have resource sites where one could go to find information, data, algorithms, research places, products and such.

If I need to run some experiments in clustering photos of the same event captured by multiple people (say Tom’s Wedding — where 25 cameras were used) — or just a collection of photos with EXIF data and some classification.
Or if I want to use somebody’s published algorithm — yes opencv is a step in a righ direction but is limited and is not that well maintained. I don’t even have an easy way to find all the places that are doing research in multimedia ontologies and such.

Why is it that such sites don’t exist? W have so many professional organizations. Should one of those take lead and build such a site?

Or is it that I feel the need for such a site, but there is no need for this.

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  2. SEO Philadelphia

    I can’t say it perfectly that we should have these kind of sites but seems like a good idea. It might be the case that people are ignorant of the benefits of such sites till date or may be Google is enough for them..!

    However i think that steps should be taken in this regard as well, this will certainly help multimedia community.

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