On Hiring an Australian to become an Indian

There is a lots of talk about the situation of Indian Cricket, the coach, Greg Chappel, senior players, selectors, and the dismal state of the team.  Considering what happened to Indian Hockey and how we do In Olympics, we should be used to this situation.  We know how to make everything political.  Interestingly, even Tendulkar’s statement have been disappointingly self-serving and political rather than taking high road and thinking about how can he really contribute to wellbeing of India Cricket.


I will not follow this whole episode, but could not help mention this paricular quote (for complete article see this) — eventhough it comes from Ian Chappel:

“Greg is a respectful person but there is no point in trying to be like an Indian when you have been employed because of your knowledge and experience as an Australian cricketer,” he added.

This may be helpful to people who argue that we need a coach who understands Indian Cricket and behave like an Indian and also want to bring Australian (or any other) culture in Indian team.

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