Is this bitterness or real belief has published an interview of Larry Sanger — co-founder of Wikipedia.  Larry Sanger has now taken on a new project (company) called Citizendium.  Clearly Citizendium moves away from the ‘wisdom of crowds’ whis is the basis of Wikipedia.  It is not clear that this is because Larry was let-go from Wikipedia or he really objectively believes in that.  In any case, here is the interesting part:

Sanger now believes that the world deserves something better than his former start-up when it comes to online research. Citizendium, a new project being launched this month, abolishes posting on wikis anonymously, brings in the experts to edit submissions, and enforces strict reviewing procedures.

I am eager to see how this company will evolve — in the spectrum of Wikipedia to Britannica, where will Citizendium sit?

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