Oktoberfest is an environment to be experienced — this is all about German (or Bavarian) passion for Beer.  I joined the MM 2007 Organizing team for this famous Munich Oktober fest (which always takes place in September).  In a tent (in our case of Hofbrau Haus) there are thousands of people drinking beer and eating the food that goes with it.  The most interesting thing in this fest are the waitresses who can carry 12-16 large  filled beerjugs at a time.  Truly interesting site.  Other environment is same as in many other festivals all across the world — lots of people enjoying food and drinks in the company of their friends.  A somewhat different thing about this fest is that young, middle aged and old people are all together.  And people even bring their kids in strollers.


It was an experience to be at this festival.  I have posted several pictures of the experience on my flickr account:


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