Attending ACM Multimedia 2007

ACM Multimedia 2007 is in Augsburg, Germany.  Augsburg is about 1hour car/train ride from Munich.  I arrived here yesterday and met some friends from this community.  Looking forward to the 4 busy days at the conference.  But before that is a fun day — when after early tutorials, a group of people will go to the Beerfest, or is it Oktoberfest, for experincing multimedia.

AUgsburg is a small but beautiful town.  Like most German towns, it is clean and very beautiful.

Some of my friends were in Germany for the first time and were very surprised that on Sunday everything is closed.  We had difficulty finding a restaurant open at8:30 PM and ended up eating dinner at the famous American Bistro, called McDonalds.  I must say that I tried their potato wedges and chicken wrap for the first time and was not disappointed.

I hardly got over the jet lag of 15 hours from Singapore to get into this one of 9 hours.  My body is complaining — but I can not help.  I hate travel but I love the results of the travel.

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