Nostalgia in Atlanta at TSRB

Attending a symposium in TSRB Bldg at Georgia Tech brought back several memories. I was one of the first occupants in this bldg — funnily even after leaving more than 3 years ago, I still found that the directory on the third floor showed that Ramesh Jain is in office 344. This area has grown into a very lively part of the campus — with a variety or restaurants located among several research laboratories and academic departments. In addition they have a large Barnes and Nobles bookstore here and a Hotel — Georgia Tech Hotel — where I am staying.

I was able to spend some time discussing with Pilho Kim a very hardworking and ambitious Ph D student who started working with me and should now finish his degree. I am hoping to help him in graduation — though I can not be his advisor now. Meeting other frinds from past — Kishore Ramachandran, ChinHui Lee, Jim Foley, Irfan Essa, and Thad Sterner brought back lots of memory — in addition to having exciting discussions. Wayne Wulf has joined as Farmer Professor — the Chair that I had — and told me that he visited the Farmer family and they were concerned about my health. Some people are so nice — and clearly Farmers are one of those.

In addition to these, I had time to catch up with David McCoy — a Gartner Fellow who made BAM a popular term –and had dinner with him at Dante’s — definitely one the experiential dining place in Atlanta.

This place is a vibrant place and lots of exciting things seem to be happening here

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