Computational Journalism: Day 1

I am in Atlanta, at TSRB on the campus of Georgia Tech, attending a Symposium on Computational Journalism.  This is the first event of this kind and I already feel that this is likely to become a field of some good activity.The first (half) day had two keynote talks and 4 panels. See details at

There are more than 200 people attending this event — most from journalism and related areas. It is clear that Journalists, at least many who are here, believe that old journalism is dying and a new type of journalism is emerging — a fundamentally different one. Mark Skoler had an exciting key note talk after a very informative keynote by Krishna Bharat. Both these talks were very exciting and laid a good foundation for discussion later on. Krishna by providing all details of Google News and Mike by bringing in exciting new possibilities.

Not surprisingly, this is all about events. And social networking is very hot here.

It has been a very exciting meeting so far. There is a full day today — including a panel in which I participate. I am looking forward to meeting some interesting and innovative people.

4 thoughts on “Computational Journalism: Day 1

  1. Saurav Sahay

    I really enjoyed your talk and the presentation here at the CJ symposium. I could see lots of challenging research opportunities in your talk as a PhD student here at Georgia Tech. There are so many different but related perspectives of the similar problem for creating the grand intelligent semantic web that we all envision.
    I look forward to experimenting with the EventWeb system.

  2. Ramesh Post author

    If you like to experiment with our system, you can first play a bit with — it is still on the web — and then I can connect you with some people in my group who are working on a open source version of the software.

    I would love to see you work with the software.
    Of course, i would love to hear about your research interests in this area — lets take that on e-mail.

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